The Lawfare Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal think tank and litigation fund. We are committed to providing the highest levels of advice and expertise, and achieving exceptional results. We seek attorneys who are talented, motivated, and dedicated to maintaining our record of excellence to join us.

About Us

Today, the civil and human rights of Jews are being violated—on campus, in boardrooms, and in the public sphere. There is one organization fighting this hatred and bigotry in the courts: The Lawfare Project.

The Lawfare Project is the world's only international pro-Israel litigation fund and has launched more than 70 lawsuits and legal actions in 16 jurisdictions across the globe—with an impressive record of success. From forcing Kuwait Airways to cancel half of its flight paths based on its refusal to fly Israeli passport holders, to nullifying numerous municipal BDS resolutions throughout Spain, to challenging legislation that prohibits ritual slaughter in Belgium, to enforcing the rights of Jewish college students in the face of virulent anti-Semitism on campus, The Lawfare Project zealously advances justice for the pro-Israel community and the Jewish people.