"As a faculty member confronting powerful institutional anti-Semitism, I have at times felt isolated, shunned, and downright hopeless on my own campus. The Lawfare Project’s dedicated and experienced team fought tirelessly and aggressively in various spheres, not only empowering me to combat repugnant and hateful university policies, but mobilizing and emboldening other similarly-situated victims at my college to come forward, tell their stories, expose anti-Semitism, and seek redress. 

The Lawfare Project’s dynamic approach and relentless commitment helped to expose abhorrent practices and policies that may have otherwise never come to light. I could not be more grateful that they exist to provide these necessary legal services—especially pro bono—to people like me, and would recommend them to anyone and everyone in need of support in their fight against anti-Semitism."

– Professor Jeffrey Lax, CUNY Kingsborough

"The Lawfare Project has provided invaluable legal guidance to Canary Mission, and other institutions that fight anti-Semitism and support the Israeli and Jewish people. The Lawfare Project team always goes the extra mile, most recently when they assisted us in responding to an improper sanction by social media giant Twitter. Our gratitude to The Lawfare Project for helping us successfully resolve the situation is immeasurable."

– CEO, Canary Mission

"The Lawfare Project is the organization to turn to for bringing results. I was exposed to a virulently anti-Semitic experience at San Francisco State University, and it became clear there wouldn’t be a meaningful response. The Lawfare Project’s involvement approached the situation in a way that got impactful attention of the school administration and higher management. Their work impressively and passionately speaks out and takes legal course for justice in countering anti-Semitism.”

– Plaintiff, Mandel et al v. Board of Trustees of the California State University et al

"Since 2017, the Jewish Community of Ibiza has partnered with The Lawfare Project in  a number of legal actions against the campaign to boycott Israel. Not only were the results smashing successes, but The Lawfare Project proved to be a straight, professional, and reliable partner that has never failed us. Thank you, Brooke Goldstein, and the brilliant staff in New York City."

– Maxo Benalal, Chairman, Jewish Community of Ibiza

"I was not expecting, internship-wise, to be welcomed in so quickly. I thought from stories and other situations that I would be given low-level work, but The Lawfare Project put me straight in. That was very unexpected, and I am very grateful for it."

– Abigail Kaplan, Student at the University of New South Wales (Australia) & Alumnus of the Forum for Jewish Leadership's Winter 2017 USA Internship

"The Lawfare Project has for years been a unique vanguard force advancing the cause of human rights in America and beyond. The organization’s contribution to public education, through national and international media and conferences, is renowned. And, to my certain knowledge, The Lawfare Project's principled leadership and expertise has repeatedly, and often with little publicity, prevailed in the domain of free speech—commonly and for good reason called the 'first freedom'—against interests using libel law to silence those investigating radical and extremist connections.

Having been the target of two failed, predatory 'libel lawfare' lawsuits, I am grateful for the key support received from The Lawfare Project. Through such on-the-ground legal struggles, The Lawfare Project has shown the way in defense of civil liberties by boosting the capabilities of those exerting themselves in the public interest, and sending a decisive deterrent message to anyone tempted to use the instruments of law against the public interest, national security, and public safety. Now, more than ever, it is vital that The Lawfare Project be supported in its mission."

– David B. Harris, Lawyer; Director, The Intelligence Program, INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc

"The Lawfare Project has been such a caring and respectful group that has helped me deal with a tough time in my life. They are hardworking and diligent and have worked to be transparent and keep me in the loop on everything going on in the cases. Having them represent me makes me feel confident that I am doing the right thing in asserting my civil rights, even with all the challenges that come with serving as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against my university. I am so glad they exist and would recommend them to any other students who deal with anti-Semitism, discrimination, or harassment on their campuses."

– Charles Volk, San Francisco State University student

"I cannot thank The Lawfare Project enough for their help when I was facing an anti-Semitic professor at Boston University. After receiving prejudicial treatment in an international relations studies class during the 2014 Gaza War, The Lawfare Project helped ensure I was given a fair opportunity in the class and that my academic record was not at risk of being tarnished. Without their assistance, I would not have known my rights or options on how to protect myself on campus. Their work is tremendously important at this time of heightened and increasing anti-Semitism in America."

– Raphael Fils, Boston University Alumnus