Zioness Movement

The Lawfare Project founded, incubated, and funded the Zioness Movement, a coalition of activists and allies who express their Zionist and progressive values through collective action.

The Zionist movement, which was founded based on the belief that the same values of human rights and self-determination at the heart of progressive causes also underlie Zionism, aims to achieve self-determination for a long-oppressed minority group.

In the news:


Solomon-Osservatorio sulle Discriminazioni

The Lawfare Project has partnered with Solomon on a number of strategic legal actions aimed at protecting civil rights in Italy, as well as the co-sponsorship of the Salone della Giustizia (Forum on Justice), a major conference to combat anti-Semitism that was held in Rome in April 2019.

Solomon is dedicated to identifying and pursuing all forms of discrimination, hate crime, incitement to hatred (even on the internet), boycotts, defamation, and marginalization, and provides expertise and support to national and international individuals and associations who are victims of such crimes.


UK Lawyers for Israel

The Lawfare Project has collaborated with UKLFI on a range of legal initiatives, including confronting charitable organizations that misuse their assets and status to disseminate political propaganda denigrating Israel and promoting anti-Semitism, ending discrimination against Israeli competitors in international sports, opposing national boycott legislation, and preemptively challenging improper assertions of jurisdiction by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

UKLFI, based in London, uses the law against attempts to undermine, attack, and delegitimize Israel, Israeli organizations, Israelis, and supporters of Israel.


Comité de Coordination des Organisations Juives de Belgique – Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations

The Lawfare Project partnered with the CCOJB to challenge Belgian bans on religious slaughter (shehita).

Similar to the CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) in France or the Board of Deputies in the United Kingdom, the CCOJB is the Belgian branch of the European Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. It comprises more than 40 member organizations and communities throughout Belgium. It acts as their voice through political and media outreach, as well as litigation (civil party in terror-related criminal proceedings, fight against hate speech and holocaust denial, antisemitism in sport stadiums, etc).