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The free speech rights of authors, researchers and journalists writing on issues of public security and national concern are increasingly under attack through both violent and non-violent means. An important non-violent challenge to free speech has emerged in the form of “Islamist lawfare,” the use of the law as a weapon of war to silence and punish free speech about militant Islam, terrorism and its sources of financing. 

Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech describes this phenomenon and gives practical guidance about navigating this new terrain to journalists who wish to speak truthfully about the national security threats we face.  This book is a must-read primer on the First Amendment, and should be reviewed by anyone writing about the most controversial topics of our time. 

Lawfare Against Free Speech: A First Amendment Guide to Reporting in an Age of Islamist Lawfare is the first book of its kind aimed at giving practical tips to journalists when writing about these topics. It was listed as the #2 recommended read for students entering law school in this Washington Post op-ed.