With support from Lawfare Project, Italy’s Solomon Project publishes on legal aspects of BDS

The Lawfare Project congratulates Italy’s Solomon-Osservatorio sulle Discriminazioni (Solomon Project) on its publication of a new and crucial analysis of the legal aspects of BDS. The study, which was conducted in conjunction with the University of Haifa, was supported by The Lawfare Project.

The paper is available here.

For the last few years, The Lawfare Project has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with the Solomon Project and its President, Avv. Barbara Pontecorvo, working together to counter BDS and anti-Semitism in Italy. Among other initiatives, the Solomon Project has been actively pushing for the enactment of legislation that would outlaw BDS in Italy, which is currently being considered in the Senate.

Of particular note, The Lawfare Project has financed two lawsuits spearheaded by the Solomon Project. The first — a “hate speech” lawsuit against a professor at the University of Genoa who is persistently engaging in anti-Semitic and unlawful hate speech, as well as discriminatory conduct on campus — is currently being litigated. The second suit was filed against an entity that has raised funds for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), designated a terrorist organization in the United States, Italy, and elsewhere. Thanks to the Solomon Project’s petitioning, the case has been taken on by the state prosecutor.

The Lawfare Project