Lawfare Project Prepares to File Second Criminal Complaint Against Leila Khaled for Exalting and Justifying Terrorism

Yesterday evening, in an auditorium of the Fabra & Coats building of the City Council of Barcelona, convicted terrorist and plane hijacker Leila Khaled defended the use of armed violence and terror crimes for the sake of political causes. Beside a table draped with a display of flags of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), she characterized the designated terrorist group as a liberation movement, and justified the murder of Israelis. Khaled then dedicated her address to PFLP members convicted of terror crimes in Israel.

During the event, where T-shirts, bags, and notebooks with Khaled’s name were sold, she minimized the Holocaust—comparing the planned extermination of Jewish people to the millions of battle fatalities suffered in other countries—and made the gross claim that “[the Jews] want to have a monopoly on suffering. Only the Jew suffers; others don’t.”

Although her departure from Spain is expected to be imminent, The Lawfare Project is filing a second criminal action against Khaled in Madrid, for exalting and justifying terrorism. We are further requesting that Khaled be arrested upon her entry into any European Union member state, and added to a number of police databases.