LP’s Groundbreaking Civil Rights Lawsuit against SFSU Endorsed by Preeminent Constitutional Scholar, Alan Dershowitz

Watch Alan Dershowitz discuss the LP’s groundbreaking lawsuit, below!

When asked whether “anything will come out of” the LP’s suit against SFSU, Professor Dershowitz said:

“I certainly hope so. This suit is a very carefully tailored suit. It doesn’t impinge on academic freedom. What it talks about is the university’s denying people free speech under the First Amendment. Denying pro-Israel speakers like the Mayor of Jerusalem the opportunity to present his position. The university administration, the president of the university not really doing anything about it. Jewish students being physically assaulted, physically harassed, and the university doing nothing about it.

This is an interesting lawsuit that may help make some good law, drawing a line between what is academic freedom, freedom of ideas on the one hand, and what is censorship against pro-Israel views, what is physical violence. You know, students on the left demand safe spaces for ideas — there is no room at university for safe spaces for ideas, but you need to have physically safe spaces so … students don’t feel physically threatened … I hope this lawsuit, brought by a very very good organization that fights against lawfare … and against bigotry … I hope this lawsuit will succeed and will send a powerful message to universities around the world that censorship can’t be tolerated and physical intimidation of Jewish students can’t be tolerated.