Unlawful discrimination by Kuwaiti, Saudi Airlines

Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) unlawfully discriminates against Israeli nationals by refusing to recognize their passports or fly them on any of their flights on routes around the world.

After alerting the U.S. Department of Transportation of KAC’s discriminatory behavior in 2017, The Lawfare Project took steps to force the airline to choose between complying with federal and international law or facing the termination of its lease at JFK International Airport. KAC canceled their JFK-London route resulting in millions of dollars of pecuniary loss.

The Lawfare Project simultaneously brought suit against KAC in Switzerland, which resulted in KAC shutting down all of its inter-European flights. We are now litigating in Frankfurt to force KAC to comply with German anti-discrimination law on its flights to non-Arab League destinations with transfers in Kuwait.

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) also engages in unlawful discrimination against Israeli nationals. The Lawfare Project notified the U.S. Department of Commerce about Saudia’s participation in the illegal Arab League boycott, an anti-Semitic campaign that singles out the world’s only Jewish state, urging swift action to prevent the airline, along with KAC, from operating in and economically benefiting from the United States while brazenly flouting our nation's laws.

The Lawfare Project will continue to pursue legal efforts around the world against KAC and Saudia until they end their discriminatory policies.

The Lawfare Project