Rampant anti-Semitism and discrimination against Jewish students at San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University (SFSU) has earned a reputation as the most anti-Semitic college campus in the country after more than three decades of discrimination and abuse of Jewish students by their peers, their professors, and their administrators alike. 

Together with Winston & Strawn LLP, The Lawfare Project is representing five courageous SFSU students and two non-student San Francisco residents whose civil rights have been violated on this pervasively hostile public university campus. We filed two lawsuits, one in federal and one in state court, alleging violations of the First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment (Equal Protection Clause), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the California Unruh Civil Rights Act, and have brought the shocking experiences and treatment of Jews at SFSU to light.

On March 20, 2019, The Lawfare Project and Winston & Strawn reached a landmark settlement in our lawsuits against the California State University (CSU) public university system. Of particular note, per the agreement, CSU publicly recognized that Zionism is an integral part of Jewish identity, which represents a major victory for Jewish students at SFSU and across the country.


The Lawfare Project