What the EU rules are about – and what they are not

What the EU rules are about – and what they are not

July 25, 2013

By Eugene Kontorovich, Associate Fellow, The Lawfare Project

On the last day of Sec. of State Kerry’s big push for talks between the Palestinians and Israelis, the European Union chimed in with its own contribution, which has deeply shaken Israel and may mark a new page in relations between it and Europe. The European Commission published administrative guidelines that severely restrict its dealings with any Israeli company, municipality or NGO based in, or even involved in activities, east of the 1949 Armistice line, including most of Jerusalem.

These guidelines have led to numerous misconceptions from all sides. Concerned Israelis worry that it represents the beginning of an economic boycott. European officials claim international law and a concern for Palestinian self-determination, demand such action. None of this is right.

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