The Lawfare Project acts on several fronts:


We Promote Civil Rights

We fight discrimination by providing legal counsel and services to members of the pro-Israel and Jewish communities who have been targeted and harmed based on their ethnicity, religion, citizenship, or nationality. 

  • We filed a groundbreaking lawsuit against the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) for refusing to sell ad space to an Israeli company, based on a discriminatory NLG resolution barring it from accepting funds from Israeli organizations.

We safeguard free speech by guaranteeing that pro-Israel and Jewish voices are not silenced by illegal conduct on campuses and communities around the world. 

  • We are currently litigating two lawsuits (in state and federal court) against San Francisco State University—one of the most anti-Semitic campuses in the country—and its administration, to hold them accountable for their systematic violations of Jewish students’ civil rights.

We Advance Human Rights

We advance human rights by combatting extremism. Our network takes legal action against individuals and organizations that provide material support to terrorist networks, while producing educational materials on the global threat posed by radicalization.

  • We shut down the unlawful broadcasting of Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) and Al-Manar (Hezbollah) in the United States. Both television stations are "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" entities.

We Fight Lawfare

The Lawfare Project produces research that educates policymakers about the threat of lawfare—the abuse of the law as a weapon of war against western democracies. Additionally, we produce videos to educate the public on critical issues, ranging from the prevailing threats to your freedom of speech to the recruitment of children towards terrorism.